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  1. Quilting group has varied activities, the priority function is to cheer up bed / wheelchair bound patients by giving away quilts to patients in Hospital, Nursing Homes and Homeless on the streets, sometimes with the help of Pathfinder members. and church members coming along also.
    Feedback from patients is very satisfying to see them all with tears of joy, happy that we being counted as strangers remember them and give them love. Prayers willingly accepted as being offered. We encountered a very generous and grateful patient even gave us monetary to finance this project.

    Quilters have some fun for Birthdays celebrations in restaurants, San Pedro Pier , then proceeded to boating. We went to Palm Desert during hot days to enjoy swimming and play scrabble also. Went to Descanso Garden for sight seeing then proceeded for lunch in my house. We had some exercises occasionally. We all look forward every Tuesday to work and to socialize as well.

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